Hi Hello Welcome!

I'm Kailey! I've been running a plant-based sauce company called NONA Vegan for the past 7 years, and I often feel compelled to share more than just saucy recipes with my wonderful NONA Famiglia (as I like to call our NONA fans and customers!)

I grew up in the kitchen with my Italian hippie mama, and have been plant-based for most of my life. I've always been overflowing with vegan meal ideas, and I love building dishes from scratch, without using recipes. It was during COVID-19 that I grew even more inspired to share all I've learned through years of kitchen experimentation and learning.

Being an at-home-chef may be way outside of your comfort zone... and that is okay! My goal with Cooking with Kailey is to add lots of fun into the kitchen, and to bring a sense of play to cooking at home!

If you're vegan-curious or new to the plant-based lifestyle, I'm excited to share some affordable and simple kitchen hacks and ideas with you! I'm hoping that after spending some time with me, you'll feel empowered to go create your own amazing home-cooked masterpieces!

Cooking is an opportunity to be creative and to develop an inner trust with yourself.  Incorporating plant-based dishes into your diet is not about perfection. If you're feeling uninspired, bored, overwhelmed, confused, or stretched for budget and time ... Please join me for some live classes and/or follow along on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook to get started in shifting and shaking those old kitchen beliefs!

Much love to you and your bellies,

~ Kailey